Troy Wesnidge






Terms of Sale

Fifty Percent (50%) deposit to accompany all purchase orders with balance due prior to shipment upon completion of order.


All furniture is priced F.O.B. Newcastle, Oklahoma.
Merchandise will be shipped freight collect unless otherwise specified. Merchandise will be shipped in the best way possible unless other instructions are included with order. When merchandise is shipped and signed for by the carrier, the responsibility of Troy Wesnidge Inc. ceases. We will, however, offer to help you in any way possible to collect freight claims for damaged merchandise. It is the customer’s (or receiver’s) responsibility to see that any damage to merchandise is noted by the carrier at the time of delivery. It is also the receiver’s responsibility to file any claims for damaged merchandise with the carrier as soon as possible.

Freight billing:

Freight must be prepaid, C.O.D. or third party collect. Troy Wesnidge Inc. will not pay for any freight unless noted in writing. Freight charges can be paid in advance by requesting the amount from the factory.


Troy Wesnidge Inc. cannot accept any merchandise at our factory without our expressed written consent.


Troy Wesnidge Inc. warrants all new products sold for 1 year from date of delivery. Products are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover any damage caused by shipping, accident, ordinary wear and tear, fading, misuse or neglect.


Due to improvement in construction techniques, varying characteristics of wood, and the fact that all of our finishes are artistic and hand applied, we cannot guarantee an exact match to a previous product. If you require match to a previous item, notify our factory and we will advise the necessary steps to achieve a satisfactory match.


Upon receipt of a purchase order and/or deposit, Troy Wesnidge Inc. will issue an order acknowledgment to confirm order and final product specifications. Buyers should check carefully to see that the acknowledgment is correct. If, within seven (7) days, our factory receives no word of discrepancies, our work order shall be considered correct and binding. For standard orders, a tentative delivery schedule will be noted on the acknowledgement, based on the customer’s requests and our ability to deliver. For custom orders, delivery times are based on estimates, and we will not be held responsible on any order for paying excess freight charges, late penalties, or other expenses by failing to meet the delivery schedule. We will, however, make every effort to meet or improve delivery times given.

Change Orders:

Troy Wesnidge Inc. will accept change orders with reasonable request. Any change order must be presented in writing, including T.W.I.’s acknowledgement number, customer’s purchase order number, item number, and a complete description of the changes required. Orders will be placed on hold pending receipt of approval from the customer of any additional charges that may apply.


Once in production, an item cannot be canceled unless expressed in writing by the factory. Part or all of the deposit could be forfeited to cover cost of drawings, materials, etc., depending on the stage of production.


The woods used most often are White Maple, Pine, Alder, Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut. We will build in any wood known, based on request and availability of the wood. Please check with factory for availability and pricing.


All dimensions are approximate due to the nature of all the material and are subject to change without notice. Field measurements are the responsibility of the designer unless otherwise specified.


All wood products must have special care in regard to temperature and humidity. Extreme fluctuation in temperature and humidity can result in extreme expansions and contraction of materials. Under these conditions we will not be held responsible for any costs associated with replacement or repair.


All fabric is C.O.M. (customer’s own material) and must be obtained by the customer and sent to the factory with any further instructions.

Troy Wesnidge Inc. would always like to thank all of our customers for their business and support. We will continue to work diligently to achieve the level of quality and satisfaction that our customers have come to expect.  If we can do anything to assist you with any of your projects in the future, please contact our office.